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I am a single mother to a 6 year old "wild child", I run an in home child care business, do online marketing, assist others in building successful online businesses and personally maintain six blogs covering an array of topics. In addition to my huge list of daily responsibilities, I still make time to take my son on bikes rides at the beach, for movies in the park on the weekends, make visits with my parents a priority, all while finalizing a much needed divorce.

As you can imagine, my life can be a bit hectic at times. What I have learned through the years is that in order to successfully juggle a booming business and busy personal life while still maintaining a reasonable amount of sanity, discipline is key. I think that we sometimes overlook how powerful our mind is and that if we discipline ourselves enough to control our thoughts and actions, we can accomplish anything. It was not until I was introduced to yoga and meditation that I was able to discipline myself enough to calm my mind, organize my thoughts, create a strategic plan of action and successfully execute without wasting time or unnecessary energy.

In my attempt to make this world a better place and assist in the well-being of my fellow busy parents, I would like to offer this free e-book on yoga (Om Yoga, Its Theory And Practice, 113 Pages) so that anyone interested can began their search for balance though this amazing tool. No Opt-in required. Instant access after download. ENJOY!!!

To open this Free Ebook, click on the link below, "YOGA EBOOK."

Can Getting A Divorce Make You A Psychopath?

Coming from a person currently going through a divorce, I know first hand that divorce is hard, to say the least. The divorce process along with its long-term side effects is a major stressor that has been known to cause psychological and physical health problems in many people.

A divorce involves an emotional and legal separation of marital bonds, negotiations of custody and financial arrangements and an establishment of a new lifestyle. In addition, because most women continue to be the custodial caregiver of the children, many fathers must cope and adjust to being the non-custodial parent. Given this list of major life changing events, it is no wonder that divorce causes emotional, physical and financial trauma to most couples. 

According to the Journal Of Family Issues, after experiencing a divorce, the non-custodial parents are more likely to engage in harmful and reckless activities more often than the divorced custodial parents. Divorced men in particular, show higher rates of automobile accidents, alcohol abuse, diabetes, heart disease and mental illnesses compared to married men.

Children Can Inspire You To Have A Fairytale Happy Divorce

As you can imagine, divorce can throw a curve ball into your life. At times, we get so busy picking up the pieces of what was broken, we forget about the children. If children are involved, we must make sure that they are first priority and receive an equal amount of comfort from both mom and dad. Children are innocent bystanders and it is both parents responsibility to protect their well-being during this unfortunate circumstance.

Children are entitled to have both parents raise them, therefore, both parents should be granted a reasonable amount of time for parenting. Children also need both parents to be involved in their regular activities such as school plays, basketball games and birthday parties. If necessary, this can provide the best opportunity for you to exercise that breathing techniques learned in meditation class. Encourage your children to spend time with the other parent, without making them feel guilty. Children should not have to take sides or feel as though they have to love one parent more than the other. Reassure them that although mom and dad live in two separate homes, the love that you both have for them will remain the same.

Making your children’s well-being first priority in this process can be the first step in accomplishing a “fairytale happy divorce.” Children force both parties to resist acting out of anger and revenge and to first consider how it will affect the children.  

Life After Divorce, Mastering The Balancing Act

Couples that choose to get a divorce when there are children involved face added challenges. The process of divorce, in of itself, can be emotionally damaging and if not addressed properly can leave long lasting wounds. Children are especially vulnerable to developing resentment, guilt and an unhealthy perception of family life that can stay imprinted on them through their adult life. 

It is important that both parents make their children's emotional well-being a top priority and protect them as much as possible from the bitter effects of divorce. The best way to do this is by modeling the behavior that you want for your children to follow. Children will soon grow to understand that, in life, it is inevitable to experience unexpected and unwanted change, failure and other life altering situations. It is our job as parents and adults to teach and provide a blueprint of the route to take in order to best conquer those challenges and grow from the experiences.

Remember to keep your support system close to you and don't be afraid to reach out to them when your feeling overwhelmed. Friends and family that love and support you can provide you with a more balanced approach to the way that you perceive your experiences. They can also provide an escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, giving you time to release and recharge.

As a newly divorced single parent you must master and effectively implement the art of the "balancing act." Managing the stress of rebuilding after divorce, along with the added responsibility of being a single parent providing structure, guidance and a stable and happy home can seem like an unrealistic task at first sight. The good thing about this is when you understand the balancing act, you can rebuild bigger and better, while at the same time, providing your children with the loving tools to thrive in adulthood.

By far the best ways to develop a solid balancing act is through prayer and meditation. Dedicating just 10 minutes a day to prayer and meditation can change the way you make decisions and how you decide to experience life situations. They are both powerful tools used to teach you how to quite negative chatter, calm your mind and by association release stress and tension. When your mind is calm, your vision becomes clear. You can see what is important to you and realize what you can do without. With a clear vision and spiritual guidance you will be better equipped to choose a goal and plan a realistic path to reach your goal, while at the same successfully maneuvering the balancing act and raising balanced children.

Making Money As A Kid

We know. Making money as a kid is hard, but if you follow these tips, you might just strike it rich!


  1. Work for someone else. Advertise your availability to the neighborhood. Make up some flyers and stick them to the neighbor's front door, but don't be intrusive. You shouldn't demand that they let you work for them. You won't get good business if you do that.
  2. Do extra chores for your parents, such as dusting furniture, vacuuming, sweeping floors, or scrubbing windows. Negotiate the best deal you can, maybe one fourth what they might charge for professional service. Remember, these are extra chores on top of what you should normally do to help support a clean household.
  3. Teach someone how to use a computer. If you are an able computer user, use your talent for profit!
  4. Mow lawns. Charge different fees depending on the size of the yard.
  5. Sell some of your things that you don't want. You could have a garage or yard sale. Put fliers everywhere. That way people will come to your sale!
  6. Walk dogs. They love it, and it would really help out the owners.
  7. Babysit smaller children. Take a babysitting course if you need it and look on the internet for more guidelines.
  8. Look after the neighbor's pets when they go off on vacation.
  9. Clean the houses of trusted neighbors.
  10. Sell lemonade on a hot summer's day. See How to Make Lemonade, How to Open a Lemonade Stand
  11. Wash cars and bikes for money. Be sure to do a good job.
  12. Sell unwanted items, or make items especially for selling.
    • Set-up a bake sale. Have your parents help you cook!
    • Take your unwanted clothes to a consignment shop. Make sure they're clean and in good condition.
    • If you have been collecting LEGOs or action figures and don't play with them anymore, sell them on websites such as eBay. Make sure you get your parents help and that you know what they're worth. Set a reasonable price and be honest about the condition. For example, if your toy doesn't have a scratch on it, you can say it is in good condition. However if it has bite marks on it, don't set it to good condition. If your toy hasn't even been opened yet, do not open it: collectors pay even more money for them if they are New In Box.
  13. Recycle! - Cans and newspapers are recyclable! Ask your parents if they would help you to bring unclaimed recyclables to the nearest recycling plant and give you the money. Not only is this good for the environment, it's good for your piggy bank!
  14. Shovel snow off of neighbor's driveways, but be careful that you don't slip on the ice and that you have proper equipment. You can do the same in the Fall too! Rake leaves for fellow neighbors.
  15. Use your strengths. If you are a very good artist, offer to do some portraits for people you know, or sell your artwork.
  16. House-sit for a neighbor when they're on vacation. Just water their plants and clean. It's fun and profitable.
  17. Save all of your birthday money!
  18. Don't spend too much of your money on candy and treats. Try to only take a small amount of money out for those.
  19. Make dog treats and sell them. But be sure to get your parents help in making them. Don't try to make them on your own.
  20. Sell chocolate bars at the park or to your family and friends. Bring your parents with you to be safe.
  21. Make money out of farm animal produce, such as chicken eggs or cows milk.
  22. Ask your principal if you can sell stuff at school. Kids LOVE buying stuff from other kids, especially treats!
  23. Most of all, have fun and keep a positive attitude. That will keep job offers coming!


  • Charge reasonable prices: not too low and not too high. Think about how much it would usually be and reduce the cost appropriately. Then tell the person who will be paying you about this comparison and they should realize what a bargain you have produced. Remember to account for the time you worked and the cost of your materials.
  • It's a good idea to sell at noon when the town/city is busy. More people can buy from you and defend you from bad people.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Return money if you promised to do a job but couldn't get the job done. Honesty is the best policy and will really impress your customers.
  • Decorate your area to make it look more pleasing to your customers.
  • Be willing to work for little pay.
  • Give free samples to your friends to spread word of your services. You should do this before you start your business, unless the item is to be consumed.
  • Put up sale signs in your shop, for example, Buy One Get One Free, 2 for $10, etc. Be sure you can afford the loss or make up for it with other sales.
  • Ask around to see what jobs are open first. If the town already has tons of dog walkers and car washers, try something else.
  • Know that not everybody wants what you're offering, so be patient, and if they decline your services, be polite and move forward!
  • Be polite with customers. Don't force them into doing things they don't want to do!
  • Try your best and always leave them wanting to come back again for more. Repeat business is the best kind!
  • Make sure you have your parents' permission for any job you do.
  • Always be polite and don't lie.
  • Ask your friends to help. You'll have to split the profits but it will be more fun and the time will fly by. Be sure to let the client know that you are bringing a friend.
  • Know that you're still a kid. You don't need to start saving for retirement now. Try to enjoy the non-work world while you can, one day you'll miss it!
  • Be creative. Don't think that you're limited to things like car washes.
  • Try to get as much business as possible by advertising!
  • Remember to have fun and ask for payment!
  • Help rake leaves for other people.
  • If you travel to school on a bus with lots of other schoolchildren, you could buy sweets in bulk and sell them for a reasonable price there.
  • Mowing lawns and yard work are great ways to provide a service that many people do not enjoy performing on their own.
  • Always make sure to thank customers for their business and their time even if they didn't buy anything.


  • Avoid selling things without permission at school, this could cause big trouble. Some schools don't even allow you to sell things. Check your school rules to see what you can or can't do.
  • Don't take a job if you don't know what you're doing, you could earn a bad reputation.
  • Be honest. If you lie, you could get in trouble.
  • Have an adult with you to help you.
  • Make sure you ask your parent or guardian before starting to work.
  • Avoid dangerous neighborhoods and neighbors.
  • Be careful talking to strangers; preferably talk to strangers only in the presence of an adult guardian. Some strangers want to go into your house or invite you to go into theirs. Never accept these invitations and always have a parent watching you.
  • Don't tamper with the people's food or any of the objects that you are selling.
  • If an item is used you must reduce the price, especially if it comes with no manual, has scratches and if you put it in a random case. It might not be in the same condition it used to be.
  • Remember, if you are selling anything, don't expect that you'll make the money that you wanted.
  • Don't do anything dangerous, like climbing roofs to clean gutters or trimming tree limbs.
  • Be careful where you do things. Make sure you are in a safe place with an older relative. And make sure you have permission to do what you are doing where you are doing it.
  • Do not take things that don't belong to you and then sell them. Remember that stealing is a crime and you could get in a lot of trouble and embarrass your parents.