As a single parent and business owner, I appreciate the determination, hardwork and sacrifice it takes for us to be successful at what we do. Lets support our fellow parents in business for themselves...

Below you will find a directory of parent owned businesses:
Brilliant Artist. Below is an example.
These 18" dolls come with booklets that address important topics for children like: going green (My Pal for Going Green!), being a peacemaker/anti-bullying (My Pal for Peace), school (My Pal for My School), autism awareness (My Pal for autism awareness), sports (My Pal for Tennis, My Pal for Baseball), holidays (My Pal for Christmas, My Pal for Hanukkah), and typical children caring for their brothers and sisters with disabilities (My Sibling). Our program benefits teens and adults with disabilities. Clothing and accessories designed by me and made in the USA.
Single fathers in need of financial assistance to make ends meet can apply for single parent grants. These programs can provide supplemental funds that may be used to help dads on a low income to afford the necessary expenses that come with raising a child.
Hi - I own three Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota locations of the School of Rock Music. We are an after-school music program for kids 8 - 18 years old. We specialize in the rock genre and teach only guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals. Our curriculum consists of individual lessons, group rehearsals and live performances in real rock venues. There are more than 60 School of Rock locations nationwide. For anyone that has a child with a burning desire to be a rock star or just loves to be the center of attention, this is the program for them.
I published five beautiful, rhyming, whimsical picture books introducing the basic math concepts. I also maintain a website full of videos and lesson plans for parents and teachers.
Thirty-One Gifts...momgrammed purses, bags, totes and more!
An on-line shop filled with eco-friendly, handmade & vintage jewelry, accessories & clothing.