Life After Divorce, Mastering The Balancing Act

Couples that choose to get a divorce when there are children involved face added challenges. The process of divorce, in of itself, can be emotionally damaging and if not addressed properly can leave long lasting wounds. Children are especially vulnerable to developing resentment, guilt and an unhealthy perception of family life that can stay imprinted on them through their adult life. 

It is important that both parents make their children's emotional well-being a top priority and protect them as much as possible from the bitter effects of divorce. The best way to do this is by modeling the behavior that you want for your children to follow. Children will soon grow to understand that, in life, it is inevitable to experience unexpected and unwanted change, failure and other life altering situations. It is our job as parents and adults to teach and provide a blueprint of the route to take in order to best conquer those challenges and grow from the experiences.

Remember to keep your support system close to you and don't be afraid to reach out to them when your feeling overwhelmed. Friends and family that love and support you can provide you with a more balanced approach to the way that you perceive your experiences. They can also provide an escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, giving you time to release and recharge.

As a newly divorced single parent you must master and effectively implement the art of the "balancing act." Managing the stress of rebuilding after divorce, along with the added responsibility of being a single parent providing structure, guidance and a stable and happy home can seem like an unrealistic task at first sight. The good thing about this is when you understand the balancing act, you can rebuild bigger and better, while at the same time, providing your children with the loving tools to thrive in adulthood.

By far the best ways to develop a solid balancing act is through prayer and meditation. Dedicating just 10 minutes a day to prayer and meditation can change the way you make decisions and how you decide to experience life situations. They are both powerful tools used to teach you how to quite negative chatter, calm your mind and by association release stress and tension. When your mind is calm, your vision becomes clear. You can see what is important to you and realize what you can do without. With a clear vision and spiritual guidance you will be better equipped to choose a goal and plan a realistic path to reach your goal, while at the same successfully maneuvering the balancing act and raising balanced children.

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