Children Can Inspire You To Have A Fairytale Happy Divorce

As you can imagine, divorce can throw a curve ball into your life. At times, we get so busy picking up the pieces of what was broken, we forget about the children. If children are involved, we must make sure that they are first priority and receive an equal amount of comfort from both mom and dad. Children are innocent bystanders and it is both parents responsibility to protect their well-being during this unfortunate circumstance.

Children are entitled to have both parents raise them, therefore, both parents should be granted a reasonable amount of time for parenting. Children also need both parents to be involved in their regular activities such as school plays, basketball games and birthday parties. If necessary, this can provide the best opportunity for you to exercise that breathing techniques learned in meditation class. Encourage your children to spend time with the other parent, without making them feel guilty. Children should not have to take sides or feel as though they have to love one parent more than the other. Reassure them that although mom and dad live in two separate homes, the love that you both have for them will remain the same.

Making your children’s well-being first priority in this process can be the first step in accomplishing a “fairytale happy divorce.” Children force both parties to resist acting out of anger and revenge and to first consider how it will affect the children.  

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