Can Getting A Divorce Make You A Psychopath?

Coming from a person currently going through a divorce, I know first hand that divorce is hard, to say the least. The divorce process along with its long-term side effects is a major stressor that has been known to cause psychological and physical health problems in many people.

A divorce involves an emotional and legal separation of marital bonds, negotiations of custody and financial arrangements and an establishment of a new lifestyle. In addition, because most women continue to be the custodial caregiver of the children, many fathers must cope and adjust to being the non-custodial parent. Given this list of major life changing events, it is no wonder that divorce causes emotional, physical and financial trauma to most couples. 

According to the Journal Of Family Issues, after experiencing a divorce, the non-custodial parents are more likely to engage in harmful and reckless activities more often than the divorced custodial parents. Divorced men in particular, show higher rates of automobile accidents, alcohol abuse, diabetes, heart disease and mental illnesses compared to married men.

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