Really, I Am Going To Keep My New Years Resolution...

I know, I know.... Who still makes New Years Resolutions and actually takes them seriously?

Well, in my attempt, no, "journey" is a better term... In my journey to find and maintain my recently distant, pre-parenthood sanity, I have made a firm commitment to develop and succeed in my New Years Resolutions...

This is a big deal... This is the first time, ever, that I have made a decision to develop a New Years Resolution and seriously commit to it. In the past, I simply made goals for myself and tried to keep them. This year, I want to try something a bit different. Its a new year and I'm a new person. Out with the old and in with the new. I'm excited and looking forward to my better self in 2011...

So, here we go:

1. Organize- I'm usually not the one to give excuses, however, my excuse is... I am a single mother to a 5 year old "wild child" while, simultaneously, running a business. Most would not say that my job is simple, in fact, I think that my job would make many people snap and take comfort in a fetal position in the corner of a room. Nevertheless, due to my crazy schedule and endless demands, some things have become a bit unorganized (to say the least). I have developed this sort of, "organized chaos", if you will. For a while, the organized chaos, worked for me. It was a time saver because I didn't always put things in its place and I was able to keep up with the approx vicinity of most things. As of recent, I am realizing that my life is becoming more chaotic than organized.

This year I vow to develop a schedule that works for me. I vow to take time to organize my life and throw away unnecessary stuff  (mental junk included).

2. Be More Attentive- I truly enjoy every moment that I spend with my son. He is definitely my number one priority and I have always made sure that, when he calls, "MOMMY!!!" (which is often), I'm right there responding, "WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!"... The issue that I have been running into is that my mind runs 100 miles an hour and although I'm spending physical time with my son, my attention is somewhere completely different. I'm often times focused on other things such as the article that I need to finish writing, what I need to add to the grocery list, returning a clients call, etc...

This year I vow to be mentally present when I'm suppose to.

3. Invest More- Its been a tough transition with me going through a divorce. I have had to rebuild and reinvent myself, again. Often times, transitions such as mine can leave a person in financial ruins. Although, I have been blessed to have the strength within me to pick myself up and began to rebuild, my divorce left me in a "longer than expected" financial hardship.

This year I vow to work my butt of to contribute 25 % more in our investments. My goal is to rebuild what was lost during the my divorce.

4. Take Care Of Myself- Pre-parenthood... I was very conscious of my diet, exercise and my mental health... In general, just very conscious of my overall well being. Post -parenthood, I have slacked off a bit. I have been more concerned about being a good mother and less concerned about how I treat my mind and body. Now, I know that treating myself "good" is a part of being a good mother and that our children learn through the behavior that we model. We are, after all, their first teachers...

This year I vow to take better care of myself by eating healthier food, exercising regularly, meditating, praying and smiling more often.

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