Interesting Facts About Yoga

Yoga is one of India's six great ancient philosophies. Modern science has further defined yoga as an Indian science that concerns itself with the search for the soul and its union with the individual. In other words, yoga seeks to find wholeness and once achieved will lead to strength, vitality and peace of mind.

There are six distinct types of yoga with Hatha Yoga being the most popular and familiar one practiced in Western culture. Below, I have given brief descriptions of each type:


Known as the "forceful path", this is the yoga of physical well being and is used as a physical therapy. It consist of postures, breathing exercises, nerve control, mind control, meditation and spiritual enlightenment.


Known as the "royal path" and is used to develop mental discipline through concentration and meditation. It consist of moral discipline, self restraint, posture, breathing, meditation, sensory inhibition, concentration, and ecstasy.


Known as "enlightenment through work or action" and is used to lesson our natural tendencies to desire. This type of yoga guides us to spiritual freedom through the discipline of work that is selfless and a service to others.


This type of yoga seeks to cultivate an open heart and helps one to develop selfless love and devotion to our Higher Power.


This type of yoga helps one to develop the discernment and wisdom to recognize the real from the unreal or true happiness from simple pleasure.


This type of yoga helps one to recognize that there is no gap between the world and our Greater Power and that our Greater Power can be found in everyday existence.

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