In Search Of A Balance

So, at 33 years of age, I'm finally figuring out that I am actually human and that I am not "superwoman" as I have so foolishly believed for quite a while. Wow... I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent individual, I graduated with a Masters Degree, 3.9GPA, in psychology, of all things. How could I have thought that I was immune to falling victim to, "life". Not that life is a negative thing, its just that without balance and God, life can be pretty daunting. I have been so busy, being busy that I never attempted to find my balance. I never even looked. I was too preoccupied being tired and pissed off, that I was consumed and never gave myself permission to grow and mature. Ive always been the problem solver, the strong one, the soccer mom, the business owner... blah, blah, blah... Its time to reevaluate somethings. I am embarking on a journey to finding peace of mind and a balance, in my crazy life. You should join me...

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