Finding My balance

Finding My Balance...

The way I see it, this "balance" is different for everyone. We each must listen to our God through our personal self and be willing and able to nurture that part of us that makes up our being, our soul. I think that its important to understand that "balance" does not happen instantly. It takes time to grow and mature. And it would be foolish to think that growth and maturity could happen without "life". The stresses that can lead us to develop ulcers, began drug habits, that we loose sleep over... The experiences that we allow to cloud our mind and judgement, that we fight against, struggle to get through... The changes that we can't accept, that we don't accept, that we don't understand and ignore... its all a part of our "life". Accepting and using our "life" as a tool to be hear Gods message to us in turn helps us grow and mature, and, by default, brings us balance.      

Everything in life begins as a seed. Here are a few things to consider. The fruit never resembles the seed; Without stress & pressure the contents can't spawn; Unless it's in fertile ground it won't yield anything; If you waste it, what will you get?
D. Ivan Young

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